When the teacher leaves the school. 4 signs it's time to change careers

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Teaching is one of the professions most prone to burnout. But how to understand whether the teacher just needs a vacation or is it time to change the field of activity?

Teaching is one of the professions most prone to burnout. But how to understand whether the teacher just needs a vacation or is it time to change the field of activity?

They say you have to go to school by calling. It seems to me that this expression - "by vocation" - is very ambiguous, you can think about it a lot. I put in it love for the profession, the joy of communicating with children and colleagues, the desire to come to work with pleasure and leave home with satisfaction, use the academic editing service and help children do their homework, the realization that you bring benefit and knowledge to children. But when it all starts to disappear, it's time to think. I found three "red flags" that say it's time for a teacher to say goodbye to the profession, or at least take a legal vacation for a year: ⁣⁣
You are irritable and take out your anger on children. This is a serious and very worrying sign. If you notice him behind you and cannot cope with this condition, do not torture yourself and the children - just leave. ⁣⁣But you can fix it by analyzing yourself why I become irritable. If the problem is that I can’t explain the homework correctly, then you need to use https://editius.com/proofreading-services/ you first need to prepare yourself and understand how to do the homework. Thus, this will reduce irritability to a minimum.
You have lost motivation.You don’t see the goal, you perceive work as a routine, you have no enthusiasm, you see absurdity in everything, you have no desire to delve into new tasks. Gradually, this also causes irritation, which develops into a conflict with colleagues and management. This is a wake up call. This is where a long summer vacation and quality burnout work can help.⁣⁣ Self-study with https://editius.com/proofread-my-paper/ can also help, and so you can further develop your skills for educational purposes. Using this path, motivation will increase.
You have achieved everything that could be achieved in school. You "grew" out of school, there is no prospect of growth, development. The previous two points may grow out of this if action is not taken in time. Here you urgently need to go up (horizontally or vertically) or maybe you should change your field of activity, explore new horizons.⁣⁣
Teaching has become a burden. You stopped developing and learning new things. Once upon a time, you simply memorized your subject and do not follow the changes in it for a long time. The teacher is alive while he is studying. Don't study? So you are not a teacher. It's time to leave.⁣⁣
What to do? If you notice 1-2 signs, you should carefully work out professional burnout and try to revive your eyes on your favorite business. You can take a break for a year after 10 years of continuous service.⁣⁣
And if you noted 3-4 signs, everything is much more serious. Consider a career change or a well-deserved break. Remember that health is more important! Take care of yourself! No job and money can compensate for the loss of nerves, health, mood.⁣

⁣⁣ You need to leave at the peak, leaving pleasant memories of yourself.You should not wait for the moment when everyone around will dream so that you quit as soon as possible.

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