Drew Gold is a renowned creator of comix, having created the popular underground comix series Motivational Housecat. This series tells the story of Professor Meow Meow and The Angry Bee, two unlikely friends who navigate the strange and absurd world that Gold has created. Featuring clever dialogue, hilarious situations, and endearing characters, Motivational Housecat quickly gained a cult following among comix enthusiasts. With its engaging storylines and intricate artwork, this strip signals a new era for comix culture. Whether you are already a fan or are just getting started in the genre, it is hard to deny the undeniable charm that draws you into Motivational Housecat. So if you’re looking for an exciting comix series to get lost in, look no further than Drew Gold’s groundbreaking work. You won’t regret it!


“Terrific… Evocative of 1970s underground comics. Salute!”-J. Cuchowski, Facebook

“Drew Gold and his big hit Motivational Housecat!”-ICC Magazine

“Crumb cool.”-Russel, Facebook 

“Excellent series you have created Reminds me of the great ones decades ago! Inspiring stuff!”-mister.gong

“I’ll just come out and say it, Drew Gold is my favorite comic artist. This is saying a lot since second place goes to Calvin and Hobbes’ Bill Watterson. How is it that Drew is number one? Well, he’s talented, consistent, produces weekly, and above all is – he is just plain funny.”-SJ, The American Centrist

“If you’re into underground comics and want a good time, take a gander at this unique duo of a kitty and his angry bee. Bizarre, yet well-drawn, it will get your mind off your troubles. Check it out!”- The Great Bear